Our Commitment

Shippliers is all about you – our customers, frequenters and colleagues, our suppliers and our business associates – so we truly value our relationship with you and the trust you place in us. Admiration for the Individuals is at the heart of all we do, so we do take our responsibilities and obligations to each one of you, regarding your Privacy and Personal Information as well as particulars, very seriously.

Privacy Notice Spelled Out:

This Privacy Notice tells you all about how we collect and process your Personal Information and particulars, and why we are allowed to do so. Your satisfactions and trust are everything and worth noticing for us.

Subsidiary Notice Information:

You may want to know more about certain types of refinement and processing, so at the bottom of the page you’ll find some supplementary notice information that provides additional details about some of our more complex and multiplex activities. For the fullest picture, we endorse that this information is read in parallel with our Privacy Notice.

Privacy Notice Streamline and Updates:

We on the daily basis review our notices to ensure and secure that they accurately reflect our processing activities. Whenever we make a significant change, you can be assured that we will surely notify you about this. You can see every Update and Notice on our platform.